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Sonder Care Group is a Disability Support Service that helps people explore their unique passions.

Some Awesome Participant and Support Worker Matches

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Our support workers are first and foremost fun-lovers!

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Whether it’s hiking, fishing, snorkelling, four-wheel driving, learning to play tennis, skateboarding, going to rock concerts or something else entirely – you can find it here. Our youthful, energetic support workers are passionate about saying “YES!” and getting the most out of life.

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Finding What Feels Right

At Sonder Care Group, we take great care in matching you with the support worker that you ‘click’ with.

We’ll make sure it’s someone who shares the same passions and goals that you do. Once we have suggested people who think they are a good fit, you will be able to choose who you want to meet after checking out their profiles!

And if something doesn’t feel right – don’t stress! You can simply choose a different support worker.

Some of our Fun-Loving Support Workers

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We help our participants get the most out of their NDIS package. We make things easy by keeping our pricing in line with amounts stipulated by the NDIS.

We’re currently an unregistered provider so we’re able to provide our service to participants who are either self-managed or plan-managed.