Jesse And Ramon

Ramon and I have been matched together with sonder care group for about 2 years now!
In our time together we’ve built a very special bond, and have been lucky enough to adventure out and do some amazing things together. From Music festivals, to rock climbing. Getting out and kicking the footy, and Weekly cooking sessions!

Jonathan and Jackson

We both enjoy going for walks and exploring new places, both agree that we are extremely funny, so constant jokes are flying around and Stirring each other up!

A passion for Marvel comics and Art. Every day is brilliant together, Lots of laughs, Care and now Friendship!

Tiesha and Luke

Tiesha and Luke enjoy spending their support sessions with their dogs as the focus. They often visit the beach for a swim or go for a walk along the Yarra River.

Seb and Angus

Seb and Angus love going on camping/4WDing adventures together! They have explored lots of our beautiful Australian landscape in Victoria and are now beginning in Queensland.

Matt and Tyde

Matt and Tyde are two peas in a pod! They have a mutual love for footy, the outdoors and video games. They have been attending the gym together a few times a week and have both have seen massive gains. These two are unstoppable.

Kadison and Jason

fun activities

Kadison and Jason enjoying a horse ride at Noosa North Shore before camping overnight at the Everglades!
When Jason joined the Sonder team he really wanted to try things that he hadn’t done before. Camel riding and horse riding were the first things on his list. He hadn’t been on a horse in over 10 years and had never ridden a camel! Over two seperate camping trips we ticked off two of Jason’s big goals. He is such a natural with animals. Well done Jason!